Proforma of Application for FSSAI Internship Scheme

Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI), a statutory Authority established under the Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006 has decided to initiate an Internship Scheme. This scheme would seek to engage Indian Nationals, as Interns, who are undergoing Post Graduate or Research and have enrolled themselves in a reputed University/Institution within India or abroad. In exceptional circumstances, students in final year of their undergraduate programmes may also be accepted. Broadly, the Interns would be attached for exposure in the following subject matter divisions depending upon their choice and slots available:

(i)                technical/engineering;

(ii)              training, media and communication;

(iii)Policy, regulation and trade;

(iv)   IT/Process re-engineering;

(v)              Administration, Finance and Human Resources;

These interns shall be attached with various subject matter Divisions within FSSAI and would be expected to contribute in the process within FSSAI through empirical collection and collation of in-house and other information. This exposure to the functioning of the Government may be an add-on in furthering their future interests and career goals in Government Organizations.

2.         The internship will be on monthly stipend basis.

3.         The Scheme:

3.1 Name of the Scheme: The FSSAI Summer Internship Scheme.

3.2 The Scheme: To allow short term attachment of “eligible student” with the different Divisions of the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India.

3.3 Objectives of the Scheme: The Scheme has the following objectives:

a)     to allow young academic talent to be associated with the FSSAI for mutual benefits;

b)     to understand key regulatory policy issues and to contribute to the Policy formulation by generating policy inputs such as empirical analysis, briefing reports, policy papers, surveys etc.

c)      “Interns” may be benefited by an exposure to the Government functioning and thus for advancement of their career prospects;

3.4 Tenure of the Scheme: The internship Scheme would be available from May 1st to September 30th every year. The period of Internship shall be for a minimum period of 2 months. In exceptional circumstances, FSSAI may accept interns for shorter duration. However, such duration shall not be for less than a month.

3.5 No. of Interns: A maximum of 20 Interns may be hired at the given time by the FSSAI. However, the FSSAI may hire any number of unpaid interns based on the specific job.

3.6 Stipend: The interns would be engaged on monthly stipend basis. Interns may be given a stipend of Rs. 10,000 p.m necessary to meet their conveyance and other daily needs.  It would be neither a job nor a promise for job in the future. Interns shall be required to submit a brief report/paper at the end of their assignment to the Divisional/Wing Head of the concerned Division about their learning experience. An intern would be awarded a certificate duly signed by the Chief Executive Officer, FSSAI, on successful completion of Internship based on the recommendations of the concerned Divisional/Wing heads.

            3.7 Eligibility: The applicant –

  1. should be a citizen of India.
  2. should be undergoing Post Graduate or Research in the field of Food Science, Dairy, Chemistry, Microbiology, Veterinary Science, Nutrition. In exceptional circumstances, internship may also be given to the deserving students who are pursuing final year of their undergraduate programmes.

3.8 Application and Selection: FSSAI shall develop modules for online application and sorting of candidates on Objective Eligibility criteria. Application may be made online at the times specified by the FSSAI. However, keeping in view the time taken by the procedure to develop online mechanism, FSSAI would accept application offline for the “internship 2016” for which applications must reach by 31st March 2016. The selection shall be made by a Selection Committee constituted for the purpose by the Chief Executive Officer, FSSAI.



3.9. Procedure of selection and other modalities of the Scheme:

  1. Interns desirous of seeking Internship will have to apply online (offline for “internship 2016”) within the specified time limit (by 31st March 2016). They must also indicate the period for which they are interested in the internship.
  2. All the applications will be scrutinized online and shortlisted on the basis of following criteria-

                                                               i.      Marks obtained in 12th Board Examination - 30% weightage

                                                             ii.      Aggregated marks in Graduation - 70% weightage

  1. List of shortlisted candidates shall be circulated among all the Divisional/Wing Heads. The Divisional/Wing Heads would be required to recommend the candidates for their respective Divisions. Each Divisional/Wing Head would recommend a maximum of 4 candidates for the Division concerned.
  2. The list of recommended candidates shall be placed before the Standing Selection Committee, constituted for the purpose under orders of Chief Executive Officer, FSSAI, for final selection and allotment of divisions.
  3. 4.         Logistics and Support: Interns will be required to have their own laptops. FSSAI shall provide them working space, internet facility and other necessities as considered appropriate by the Divisional/Wing heads.

5.         Expected Outcomes: The Interns shall prepare the outline of the expected outcome in consultation with the Divisional/Wing head and submit the project plan along with the time lines. The stipend for first month shall be released subject to this submission. After completion, the Intern shall submit the project both in a hard copy and a soft copy to the concerned Divisional/Wing head. A Certificate shall be awarded by the Authority to the Interns only after they have completed their prescribed minimum tenure and submitted project Reports.

6.         Role of Divisional/Wing Head:

6.1 Seminars/presentation can be conducted by the concerned Divisional/Wing Head for their interns.

6.2 Attendance record and the details of work supervision shall be maintained by the Divisional/Wing Head.

6.3 Conduct of the interns and their access to data/information and use of office peripherals shall be the sole responsibility of the Divisional/Wing Head.

6.4 Divisional/Wing Heads concerned shall be personally responsible for ensuring that the work programme and output mutually agreed upon with the Intern is satisfactorily completed. They shall ensure final submission of the Project Reports. Important issues arising out of such reports and policy suggestions based on it may be presented to the CEO, FSSAI by December 31st of the year.

6.5 The Division concerned may consolidate the Project Reports completed during the year and policy suggestions emanating from it in the Annual Report of the Food Authority.

7.         Procedure for Applicants:

  1. Interested applicants pursuing Post Graduation or undergoing Research in the field mentioned in para 3.7 (b) may apply online in the address link to be indicated in the website of FSSAI. Interns may apply offline for the “internship 2015” as FSSAI is working for developing online application system.
  2. Candidates should specifically mention the period along with preference for the discipline for which they want to undertake Internship in form prescribed for the purpose.
  3. At the time of start of internship on selection, applicants shall be required to produce a letter from their Supervisor/ Head of Department/Principal, indicating their status in the institution and “No Objection” for allowing their student to undergo Internship programme for the period for which he or she is selected. A character certificate from Head of Institution, copies of 12th Board Examination, Graduation mark sheets/certificates shall also be submitted.

8.         Scheme Review: The Scheme is proposed for three years. A review of the Scheme may be undertaken after one year i.e. by December 2016 and changes, as considered necessary, may be made.

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