Prepare Business Model or Business Innovation Model for the success of your Business.

Business modeling is one of the most important process of business to become successful.

Organisations must evaluate & re-evaluate their Business Model because today's competitive business environment requires more & continuous innovation.
Organisations must use their resources efficiently & "Explore" the new market trends.

What is Business Model/ Business Innovation Model?

- A plan implemented by a company to generate revenue & make profit from the operations.[1]
- This describes the method or means by which a company tries to capture value from its business. A business model may be based on many different aspects of a company, such as how it makes, distributes, prices or advertises its products.[2]
- The business model concentrates on value creation. It describes a company's or organisation's core strategy to generate economic value, normally in the form of revenue.[3]

Business Model includes components & functions of the business, as well as revenues it generates & the expenses it incur.

Business Modeling is the way to conceptualize and understand "how an organisation works.

So the Business Modeling is important to do before/after starting the business.

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