Genetic Roulette: A System of Gambling with Our Life

Gambling with the lives of it's citizens, the US government repeatedly ignored warnings from its own scientists and allowed untested genetically modified (GM) crops into our food supplies and environment. An unprecedented game of roulette.  This new technology put the health of us all at risk of unknown consequences.

Some twenty years later, genetic health scientists are reporting a grave trend. Health issues that were previously discovered in animals fed genetically modified foods are now on the rise in humans. Moreover, doctors are also finding that those who discontinue consumption of GM foods show an improvement in their health.

winning roulette system

A corrupt system gambling with our lives, Genetic Roulette exposes the fraudulent policies of the FDA, along with the the strong-arm techniques used by Monsanto in this quite shocking film. A story unfolds showing an exploding health emergency that is virtually being ignored.  After watching, you may end up making changes to your diet and your attitude towards this subject. It does a wonderful job of informing the public about what can be done to reverse this problem before it's too late.

GMO critic Jeffrey Smith is the director of this documentary which illustrates the disturbing narrative of serious health issues caused by altered crops through a genetic process.  From Autism to Diabetes; from allergies to intestinal disorders. Along with potential scenarios illustrating just how these are linked and how bad it could get.

Genetic Roulette gives us convincing evidence to help us understand the degenerating health of America, while also offering a ideas and solutions for insulating ourselves and family from potential harm in the future.

A wide range of commentary from doctors, scientists, activists and policy makers is featured in this eye opening documentary. 


Featured Subjects Include:

  • The potential threats of GMOs over the long term
  • Evidence of a link between GMO consumption and health issues
  • The reason GM foods are bad for America
  • How companies hide evidence and influence politicians 
  • Ideas for advocates fighting for transparency

Be sure and check out the trailer on YouTube.

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