Food technology: Science of making food last longer - by Rashmi Menon

Food technology: Science of making food last longer
From cereals and yoghurt to instant noodles, pickles and ketchup, discover how packaged foods are created, and the people behind these products

by Rashmi Menon

Programmes: BTech, MTech (Food Technology/Food Engineering); BSc, MSc (Food Technology; MSc (Food and Nutrition) 
Job profiles: Production engineer, R&D, Quality control, Food Regulatory Officer, Food Microbiologist 
Best institutesUDCT, MumbaiCollege of Food Technology, ParbhaniAmity UniversityCFTRI, Mysore; Guru Jambheswar University of Science 
and Technology, Hisar
IIT Kharagpur 
Recruiters: FMCG companies, small and medium-scale food processing industries, FSSAI, food testing labs

ALONE at home and not in a mood to cook? Instant noodles to the rescue! A trip to the nearest supermarket in your area unravels the plethora of food products in different flavours and forms. Be it mixed grain atta, baked chips, energy drinks, flavoured curds, probiotic drinks, pastas, sausages or even healthy, nutrition bars, all these varieties in the day- to- day food are all courtesy food technology. Food technology is the science that transforms cereals, pulses, fruits and vegetables, raw meat and milk to various packaged food products. 

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