Once we are out from the Educational Institutes and got enough knowledge about the area where we want to be into or succeed, first and immediate challenge is how to get a job being a FRESHER. These days we are well versed with the knowledge of various sectors, companies their market values and all the rest knowledge which we think is important but still it is hard to actually getting ourselves placed in our Dream Company and job.

There are no articles or information which can get you the right job but yes there are ways which can guide you to how to proceed to that ultimate position which we always desired for. This column will focus on how to develop ourselves in a way which helps us to get the JOB which we use to dream.

Being a fresher you cannot desire for more in term of what salary you want, what kind of role you are looking for. One should be always ready to adapt to the current opportunities i.e catch hold of the right opportunity which will ultimately lands you into the job you always desired for.


Basic but yes very important way to know what’s happening around you.  We all use one or another social websites and follow it as well. There are many such sites & Blogs which can help you to know the company’s walkins, who is hiring these days, how to prepare for it and information related to skills as well. You can use such sites like:


Also you can find various forums online related to any industry which will make you aware about new things happening around the various sectors across.

These days lot of information is there on sites but we should know how to refine our search to reach the information we are looking for. Be very particular what words you use while searching for a job online.

Online job portals offers searching job by company, by role.

  • If you are aware about the companies then you can directly goes to their careers page and look for the openings.
  • If you are going role wise then choose from the various skills and roles mentioned already by default. This will take you to the openings related to skill you entered
  • Searching by entering Location specifically will take to openings related to that particular city, state only.
  • Keep your profile update by refreshing it after every 7 days, this will make you profile more visible to the recruiters.
  • While making your profile on job portal nothing much you can add on your industry experience so make sure that you mention in details about the projects you have worked on.
  • Mention valid phone and email address so that the recruiter can contact you.

Being a fresher not many options will be given in terms of job location and salaries. Also one should be ready to relocate if some good openings come his/her way.

So start projecting yourself though your profile which will attract the companies with a reason to hire you.

Stay tuned for more!!


This article has been written by Garima a HR Consultant exclusively for www.foodpathshala.com


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