A protein whose digestion induces either a slow and durable or a fast and transient increase in amino-acid concentration in the plasma.

· For Slow proteins: gastric emptying is slowed down because the protein coagulates in the stomach

· For Fast proteins: soluble proteins are evacuated earlier with the liquid part of the meal


Other metabolic consequences?

For Slow proteins: a later and weaker hyperaminoacidaemia (plasma amino-acid concentration) and hyperinsulinaemia ·

For Fast proteins: an earlier and stronger hyperaminoacidaemia (plasma amino-acid concentration) and hyperinsulinaemia. It is important to note that proteins are ‘insulinaemic’, i.e., they stimulate insulin production. The increase in the insulin response triggered by protein intake encourages the storage of ingested carbohydrates as glycogen (the body’s main energy reserve).

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