Friends, do not confused or miss leaded by the manufacturers or add by film artist or cricket players on edible oil. Fact is the fat content of individual fat in oil not only depends on the oil seed projected, but also depends on the mixing of oil from other seed. Secondly, the temperature used to cook food, as it breaks down the fatty acids and form a new compound which is not the original one. So, it is important to know the fat profile in the food and not necessary that it will same as it was in the oil used. And truly, it will not be same. I am working on profile characterization of different oils at different temperatures. 

Also at the same time it is important to know the fat in the raw food using to fry. It is a complicated chemistry, but not difficult to understand.

So, avoid deep fried food, avoid to cook at high temperature for long time.

Applicable to all bakery product too.

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