what is the difference between Pacakged drinking water and mineral water

what is the difference between Pacakged drinking water and mineral water

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Comment by prem g on March 18, 2015 at 12:38pm

Dear shailendra,

As per FSSAI ,

Packaged drinking water (other than Mineral water):- means water derived from surface water or underground water or sea water which is subjected to hereinunder specified treatments, namely, decantation, filteration, combination of filteration, aerations, filteration with membrane filter depth filter, cartridge filter, activated carbon filteration, de-mineralisation, re-mineralisation, reverse osmosis and packed after disinfecting the water to a level that shall not lead to any harmful contamination in the drinking water by means of chemical agents or physical methods to reduce the number of microorganisms to a level beyond scientifically accepted level for food safety or its suitability

Mineral water means includes all kinds of Mineral Water or Natural mineral water by whatever name it is

called and sold.


Description and Types of Mineral water.


(i) Natural mineral water is water clearly distinguished from ordinary drinking water because -

(a) it is characterized by its content of certain mineral salts and their relative proportions and the

presence of trace elements or of other constituents;

(b) it is obtained directly from natural or drilled sources from underground water bearing strata

and not from Public water supply for which all possible precautions should be taken within the

protected perimeters to avoid any pollution of, or external influence on, the chemical and physical

qualities of natural mineral water.

(c) of the constancy of its composition and the stability of its discharge and its temperature, due

account being taken of the cycles of minor natural fluctuations;

(d) it is collected under conditions which guarantee the original microbiological purity and chemical

composition of essential components;

(e) it is packaged close to the point of emergence of the source with particular hygienic precautions;

(f) it is not subjected to any treatment other than those permitted by this standard;


Other types of mineral water

(ii) Naturally Carbonated Natural Mineral Water 

(iii) Non-Carbonated Natural Mineral Water

(iv) Decarbonated Natural Mineral Water

(v) Natural Mineral Water Fortified with Carbon Dioxide from the Source 

(vi) Carbonated Natural Mineral Water 

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