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Quantification: Its impact on perception by a consumer

 “He got very good marks in 10th exam!”

“He got 90% marks in 10th exam!”

Both of the above sentences have some impact on the listener. If heard in the sequence as above, the excitement increases, feeling of pride enhances, feeling of jealousy doubles (as the case may be). What is…


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khuda hi sab kuch hai.

“Aansu na hote aankhon mein
to Aankhen Khubsurat na hoti,

Dard na hota duniya mein
to Khusiyon ki Kimat Na hoti,

Sab muraadein hoti puri Chahne se
to Khuda ki Zaroorat na hoti”

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Marketing Fear, Selling Anti-fear pill

Whenever we choose a doctor, either for our treatment or for our family, biggest parameter in our mind is “surety of curing”. Curing what? Curing the disease which is either fatal or could be fatal. This fear of death from any disease is the consumer insight which doctors have identified long back and still capitalizing from that. Based on this insight, today medicine business (both pharma and treatment) has become an…


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A complete Metamorphosis from Manpower Management to Human Resource Management

I had a short professional experience in factory where I was in production department. The biggest challenge I faced was to handle a lot of about 200 skilled and unskilled shop floor people in a shift. It was not the number which was difficulty for me rather it was my emotional attitude whicih was over powering the professional approach. The traditional way of handling them was beyond my capability - both emotionally…


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God is always with us!!!!!!

There was a man walking with God on the beach one day. As they walked, the man looked back and saw two kinds of footprints in the sand. They went way far back. The man asked God what they were.

God says “Those are the footprints of you walking through your life”.

The man asked God, “What are the other footprints”.

God replies, “Those are my footprints as I walk along with you”.

The man says. “But why are there only my footprints when I went through the troubles and problems… Continue

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Foodpathshala for underpriviledged students

Dear all


We at foodpathshala want to contribute to society by imparting your knowledge to the underprivileged and poor young children.



step 1)

-Foodpathshala members create the content to be imparted

   - the content should focus on how to maintain hygiene and food quality cheaply

   - Which low cost and easily available food and beverages are healthy and should be taken

   - Any other knowledge that small children…


Added by Avinash Singh on February 26, 2011 at 1:04am — 6 Comments

Quality Tools

Seven Tools of Quality

Tools that help organizations understand their processes to improve them. Followings are the 7 tools --…


Added by Vaishali Pant Sharma on February 23, 2011 at 12:14pm — 3 Comments

Rice: It is more than just a source of carbohydrate

A short brief

Rice is the staple food in India. In common man term it is rich source of carbohydrate and biggest source of energy for manority of Indian population. But, there are some non-nutrient phytochemicals present in rice which acts…


Added by Sanjeev Sharma on February 21, 2011 at 11:30pm — 2 Comments

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