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Traceability and Mock Recall

Special thanks to Vaishali Pant for sharing this information. 



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Drinks with 320ppm caffeine to be labelled 'caffeinated drinks': FSSAI

Currently, the prescribed upper limit of caffeine in soft drinks and aerated sugar water is 145 ppm



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A Brief Information about Enzymes working


Enzymes are protein catalysts that carry out the chemical reactions of metabolism. All chemical reactions require activation energy to break chemical bonds and begin the reaction. The need for activation energy acts as a barrier to the chemical reaction occurring and/or to the speed at which it occurs.

Enzymes lower the barriers that normally prevent chemical reactions from…


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Job is for Earn and Learn

                   Many people think that their learning process has been finished as they entered in professional life but this is not thing.Basic science and food industrial world are two different things. We learn in college that emulsifier play important role in building emulsion of different phases as oil in water or Water in oil but I never thought that same concept is applied in making chocolate, mayonnaise, biscuit and much more..Our food industry is much more advanced in such…


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Biosensors : An introduction

During day to day production or for special quality analyses, many process parameters are being monitored Suitable sensors are used for monitoring and control of key parameters and also for process optimization and alarm in case of process failure. Food analysis includes estimation of nutritional component,…


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Taste of Amino Acids

Glycine and alanine have a sweet taste, valine and leucine have a bitter taste, and aspartic acid and glutamate have sour and Umami tastes. Though called a bitter amino acid, valine has a slightly sweet taste as well. The sweetness of glycine and alanine is lighter than that of sugar. Combination of amino acids with their…


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I know foodpathshala is not for this kind of stuff. But i couldn't stop myself from sharing this beautiful story with you all. DON'T BITE BUT AT LEAST HISS

I know foodpathshala is not for this kind of stuff. But i couldn't stop myself from sharing this beautiful story with you all.


Once a large snake entered a village and settled itself under a banyan tree near village temple. Villagers got very frightened on account of this snake. They stopped going to temple. Children were asked by their elders not to play under the banyan tree. What to do was their question. At last they consult a hermit who was…


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Difference Between Quality Assurance And Quality Control

What is the difference between Quality Assurance and Quality Control?



ISO 9000 Definitions 1

• Quality Control : “A part of quality management

focused on fulfilling quality requirements”.

• Quality Assurance : “A part of quality management

focused on providing confidence that quality

requirements will be fulfilled.”

Other Definitions 2

• Quality Assurance is defined…


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Electrochemically activated water (ECA) use for CIP - a recent trend in beverage & dairy industry

Recently Pepsico has approved using electrochemically activated water (ECA) for CIP system for the bottled carbonated & non carbonated beverages.

It is an excellent technology as it eliminates the traditional use of detergents & other chemicals for CIP which leads to toxic waste production.

The process involves preparing a solution of water and food grade salt which is passed through proprietary reactor along with application of electricity. This process produces sodium…


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Quorum Sensing or Microbial Communication

                  If when you wake up in the morning your teeth feel sticky, this indicates bacteria that live in your mouth have formed a slimy structure called a biofilm. To do this, they engage in a very special form of communication using chemical signals. Furthermore, bacteria in the ocean communicate with one another as well as with the tiny planktonic algae which provide about half of the world´s primary production to the global carbon cycle. Our scientists are deciphering these…


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