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Food Laws of India



Prevention of Food Adulteration Act, 1954



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Food Allergy

Food allergy is a term which is widely used and a general misconception is that all reactions to food is allergy based. But, in reality it is not true. It is suggested that until actual food allergy is properly diagnosed, the term adverse food reaction should be used. AFR can be categorized as…


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Intellectual Properties: An introduction

I thought to talk on patents and intellectual property which I think is the only tool by which one can protect and nurture one’s wisdom. These are the terms which are neither used neither in bullion world nor in the dictionary of economics. It is the part of that economy which is devoid of profit-loss equation and where only mind matters i.e. the Knowledge economy. I hope this article will initiate a range…


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Fruit coating

After harvesting, fruits are dipped or sprayed with a range of materials inorder to improve their appearance or delay deterioration. Few of them are disucssed here



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Chewing Gum: Gum base



The act of chewing is a pleasure which everybody enjoys. We just like to engage our teeth into something chewy, from time to time. Since very…


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“NO MSG” – Is it sounds Deceptive??


 NO MSG” – Is it sounds Deceptive??       


MSG (monosodium glutamate) –is a…


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Agricultural Engineering books

For people preparing for ICAR NET exam, Agricultural Engineering is the compulsary section to be qualified, so i would like to share two books which  i found are excellent preparatory materials for it.

1.Agriculture Engineering -By OP Singhal(part1,2) Aman Publishing House

2. Principles of Agricultural Engineering Vol 1&2- By-TP Ojha and AM Michael,  Pub by: Jain brothers

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Nutritional labelling - Why important

HYDERABAD: In view of the increasing problem of obesity, the National Institute of Nutrition has proposed food labels be used as means of promoting healthy eating habits and increase nutrition knowledge among people.

“Food labelling should be considered an important approach to help consumers make healthy food choices by providing nutrition information on the pack,” said Dr GM Subba Rao, nutrition communication, NIN. A study conducted recently by NIN with…


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Ohmic heating

Introduction :

Ohmic heating has different names and each names shows its principle of heating – Joule heating OR Electric resistance heating OR Direct electric resistance heating OR Electroheating OR Electroconductive heating. In ohmic heating process, alternating electric current is passed through food…


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