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Food technology: Science of making food last longer - by Rashmi Menon

Food technology: Science of making food last longer

From cereals and yoghurt to instant noodles, pickles and ketchup, discover how packaged foods are created, and the people behind these products

by Rashmi Menon


Programmes: BTech, MTech (Food Technology/Food Engineering); BSc, MSc (Food Technology; MSc (Food and Nutrition) 

Job profiles:…


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Food Tech Funda- # 2= Topic- Production of enzyme by microbial fermentation , Subtopic- Catabolic Repression ( VALENTINES DAY CONCEPT - BY ME

During production of enzymes if the catabolic substrate is accumulated during fermentation then the enzyme production will be inhibited, the popular example is 'Halo Effect' i.e. in the presence of lactose and glucose , E. coli will not produce B- glactosidase because bacteria is already having glucose for consumption , so why it will produce enzyme to break down…


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Please can any1 help me regarding the interview of IICPT M.tech food process & engg.

e.g wht type of qustns r askd & abt hw many studnts appear fr the intrvw.

plz any1 knws abt it... do help me.

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Canning of Fish

The main objective of canning is to obtain a shelf-stable product that can be stored in suitable containers for a considerable length of time (at least one year) without undergoing food spoilage, while retaining desirable nutritional and sensory qualities.

The Main steps involved in canning of fish are:

  1. Raw Material Handling
  2. Pre- Treatment
  3. Pre- cooking
  4. Filling
  5. Sealing
  6. Retorting
  7. Post process…

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