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Accuracy and Precision

Accuracy :It is the degree of conformity or closeness of a measured value to the actual(true) value.

Precision: It is the reproducibility or repeatability, the degree to which further measurements or calculations show same…


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Cocoa Byproducts: Its utilization

Picture source:…

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Message From Nestle


Nestle is asking all consumers to return BANANA BABY FOOD expiring in 2012 as it may contain GLASS. Please copy & paste for the safety of babies. Bar code 7613033089 73. Even if you are not a parent, please help forward the message!!!

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Implementation of FOOD SECURITY

States Asked to Get Ready for the Implementation of Food Security

by Dr. Manmohan Singh on Wednesday, July 20, 2011 at 10:14pm

The Centre is working on Food Security Bill. It will go to the cabinet for approval very…


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Consider a bed of solid particles resting on the perforated bottom of a tall container. Assume that a fluid is forced upward through the bed. As long as the fluid flow rate is low, the particles do not move and the volume of the bed does not change (fixed bed). As the flow rate is increased, the pressure drop through the bed also rises. When the flow rate reaches the point where the pressure drop through the bed exceeds the weight of the solid bed,…


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