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Project / Investigation / Dissertation topic selection

A very common question asked by final yr or PG students -"What should be the topic of their project"Infact we all went thru the same phase. …


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Inulin: Short introduction

Inulin is a nondigestible carbohydrate, and chemically fructan. It is found in many plants as a storage carbohydrate, and has also been part of man's daily diet for several centuries. It is present in many regularly consumed vegetables, fruits and cereals, including leek, onion, garlic, wheat, chicory, artichoke, and banana. Industrially, inulin is obtained from chicory roots, and is used as a functional food ingredient that…


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Trans Fat


Trans fat is a specific type of fat that is formed when liquid oils are turned into solid fats, such as shortening or stick margarine. During this process — called hydrogenation — hydrogen is added to vegetable oil to increase the shelf…


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"Dreams dispersed in our thoughts can be plated on the medium of 'reality' & by providing supplements of 'hope' & 'courage' & incubating them for some few moments of 'patience', Colonies of 'success' can be observed and obtained of those dreams !!!

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Aseptic packaging technology

Aseptic packaging is defined as the filling of a commercially sterile product into a sterile container under aseptic conditions and hermetically…


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My first hand view of food industry

Ingredients,...and there chemistry.......those basic physics laws and ...then that inbuilt engineenering .....with a series of combinations which lead to the options tree.....out of these one selects the feasible leads to the solution which is the reasonable one.

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Invitation to participate at Meat Tech 2012 Conference on Meat Processing Technologies 8 June 2012, Hotel ITC Park Sheraton, Chennai, India

Dear All,

I am pleased to inform you that, the Tamil Nadu Technology Development & Promotion Center of CII and National Research Centre on Meat (NRCM) jointly organizing Meat Tech 2012,  one day Conference on Meat Processing Technologies on 8th June 2012 at Hotel ITC Park Sheraton, Chennai, India.


The objective of the conference is to discuss the overall Meat Processing trends in Global Market, and the need to strengthen scientific…


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CFTRI Entrance exam : Some Frequently Asked Questions

Log in to to practice for CFTRI  Online Entrance Exam.

Hi Friends,

During last few years, I found students asking few questions regarding CFTRI entrance exam. There are same questions in every one's mind but asked at different forms. 

I have tried to…


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2011- world's strongest beer brewed in India

             Australian MAX, a premium strong beer brewed in India by International Breweries has won the titles of “Asia’s Best Strong Lager” and “The World’s Best Strong Lager” at the World Beer Awards - 2011.This is the highest award ever won by a beer brewed in India. With over 700 entries, it was a hard fought competition against the very best strong beers from Germany, Britain, USA, Denmark and from all over the world.

Australian Max

The World Beer Awards is a global…


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Introduction to Food Biotechnology and Its Application

Food biotechnology integrates biochemistry, chemistry, microbiology, and chemical engineering for the enhance dproduction of food products. Understanding how genes coordinate growth and development …


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A spice is a dried seed, fruit, root, bark or vegetative material used in nutritionally insignificant amount as a food supplement for the reason of flavoring. Spices are defined as "a strongly flavored or aromatic substance of vegetable origin, obtained from tropical plants, commonly used as a condiment". In ancient times, spices were as valuable as metal gold; and as noteworthy as medicines and perfumes. No country in the world cultivates as…


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