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WATER : - not only essential for ‘life’ but also for ‘product shelf life’


 Can any life on this earth neglect the importance of water? Can any food professional neglect the importance of water in determining product shelf life? I think answer to both the questions is NO.

So, I thought to discuss the most important…


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Step By Step Implementation of ISO-22000 FSMS

The basic outline for implementing ISO22000.

The company must carry out the following activities in the sequence below:

1. Appoint a food safety team

2. Establish Pre-Requisite Programmes (PRPs). (including but not limited to hand hygiene, medical…


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HIgh Risk Packaged Foods

What are the high risk packaged food items? Please "List of Packaged Food items that has potential risk to human health".

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Health benefit claims of soya isoflvaones

The soy bean have compounds called isoflavones, which are a subclass of flavonoids and are called phytoestrogen compounds due to their structural similarity with human hormone estradiol. These soy isoflavones are made of 12 isomers 3 aglycons (diadzein, genistein, glycitien) and 9 glucosides (diadzin, genistin, 6'-0-acetysdiadzin, 6'-0-acetysgenistin and 6'-0-acetysglycitin, 6'-0-malonysdiadzin,…

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Bakery Series 1: Flour composition

Flour composition

White flour—the ground endosperm—contains mostly starch, yet other components naturally present in white flour affect its properties. The main components in white flour are listed below, with approximate percentages provided in parentheses. Of these, the two key components are…


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Bakery Series : 3: Chemical Analysis of Wheat Flour

In continuation with last diacussion on Flour Miling now would like to discuss about chemical analysis of Wheat Flour. Here is a brief of the same:




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Bakery Series 2: Flour Milling : A short brief


Flour is obtained from wheat kernel by the process of milling. Flour milling has two objectives. First, it is a process that separates the endosperm from bran and germ. Second, it involves grinding the grain to fine flour. Ideally, milling separates out as much endosperm as…


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Birthday Wishes on very First Anniversary of "FOODPATHSHALA"

Dear Friends,

Its a proud moment to share with all of you that Foodpathshala has completed one successful year in service of Food Industry and has gone through many phases to achieve this landmark. Initially started as an entirely discussion oriented site, it later on revived as a fully Dynamic site with all the latest features including online interactions, blogs, quizes, and customization etc. it has come over a long way in achieving its goal and that is to serve the Food Industry… Continue

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Food Fraud is a growing problem for food industry that is costing crores of rupees. One of the greatest problems facing this branch of criminal investigation - FOOD FORENSICS - is that consumers can't always tell when they are being defrauded. The product might taste similar, will probably look similar, will cost about the same, will not necessarily do the consumer… Continue

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