What is the use of an entoleter and How to check its efficiency?

Dear Friends,
What is the Usage of an Entoleter in Milling unit and If it is using for insect infestation in wheat and wheat flour, how to check the insect infestation efficiency?

Manoj Arumugam

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Firstly check RPM  of entolater than calculated 1 hr out put of flour. 

Thanks a lot Sudhakar. By checking RPM we can only able to ensure the machine's speed and output.

Do we have anyother method, other than checking the entoleter speed to check the insect infestation efficiency?

Like passing infested flour through entoleter and checking insect liveliness.


Manoj Arumugam

Hi Manoj,

This a very common query raised in milling.

Working of Entoleter

Yes! Entoleter is used in milling process to minimize infestation in end product. Its application is simple containing a horizontal disc with vertical pins assembled concentrically in a closed container. When flour passes through this disc which is rotating on high speed of approx 2500RPM flour particle collide with pins.

Problem of infestation in end product in milling is classified as 

1) Presence of insects : Which can be controlled through rebolting/redressing/resieving just before packing.

2)Presence of eggs of insects: These eggs are controlled by entoleter, As explained above if eggs get hit by pin it breaks down and become infertile. thus prevent infestation in end product upon storage.

Checking efficiency of Entoleter

Answer to this is based on knowledge of senior and experience people in milling line, but does not have any data to relied upon.

On my finding and discussions with various people in industry you can check efficiency by

1)  Checking state of pins inside entoleter, over the time of use pins get wear out and needs to be replaced. This shows they are really hitting the particles.

2) Performing Pekar test for flour before and after entoletion . Flour after entoletion will be shiny and brighter then normal samples.

3) By storing samples of both flours and studying numbers of insects after 15 days storage in hot, humid and dark place.

I hope above will help you , Pls add anything you come across regarding the same.





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