Food is a vital element of every society; it is the principal corner on which every society is built. With the injection of scientific knowledge into the production process of this vital component, ample improvements have been recorded in the quality and supply of food. Modern food products are much more safe, accessible, enjoyable and nourishing. Also, the application of scientific knowledge to the food production process has made some enormous socio-economic contributions to the nation-building project.

To begin with, food technology has made today’s society healthier by continuously delivering the kind of food societies demand to gratify its nutritional requirements. Applications of preservative techniques, such as pasteurization, to food packaging have curbed food wastage and ensured food security. Accordingly, society is also secured from the threat of the pesky vices which accost insufficient food supply and malnutrition. The abundance of food obviates friction formed by struggle (for scant resources) and the reoccurrences of incidents such as the 2007 West Bengal food riots.

Furthermore, food technology provides an outlet of revenue generation and wealth creation. Rather than wait for government jobs, which are not accessible to everyone, individual members are empowered with avenues of income. Exports of processed food products have, for instance, contributed $45 billion to the American economy in 2013 and continue to rake in billions annually to the European Union. Revenues accrued from these exports and taxes paid by food industries are vital in a lot of ways-they can be channelled to the funding of capital projects, construction of social infrastructure, importation of crucial raw materials and the facilitation of other development-oriented initiatives which are indispensable to a nation’s development drive.

Conclusively, food technology contributes immensely to nation building by empowering society with constant supply of food as well as the financial resources which are necessary to uphold economic and social stability.

NAME: Maxi Edet
COLLEGE NAME: University of Calabar

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Hi Edet, I love your piece it is absolutely informative!

Thanks bro.Glad you liked it.

Nicely drafted..and to da point! U can also like, discuss and share ur views on mine! Thanku ☺


drafted well,nice

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