"Socio - Economic contribution of FOOD TECHNOLOGY in building a nation"

Socio - Economic contribution of FOOD TECHNOLOGY in building a nation


A month ago I was reading an article on food security in that I read ‘India is food secure nation in today’s scenario’, I feel proud for some time, then a thought came in my mind regarding current farmers situation in my nation. Everyone knows India has an ability to become the world food basket because India is an agricultural country. It is self-sufficient as far as productions or agricultural yield is concerned. In fact, India is the second largest producer of fruits & vegetables in the world and one of the leading producer in cereals, pulses, milk, meat & poultry, spices etc. But due to gross insufficiency of food processing, lack of proper transport & storage facilities, etc. our farmer doesn’t get the value for his toil.

Our farmer who deserves to be the ‘greatest hero’ turns out to be the ‘greatest looser’. The hope of today’s India therefore is the Food Technologist who can increase the value of our agricultural yield to a hundred fold. This is the reason that our government has offered maximum support to this industry, in the current five year plan. So, the importance of food science technology & food industry has greatly enhanced in scenario of India.

Food processing is the fastest growing sector in the India. India is one of the world’s largest producers as well as consumer of food and related products. The sector plays an important role in growth and development of the economy. Food and food products being the largest consumption category in India, they have a market size of $ 181 billion. Domestically, the spending on food and food products amounts to nearly 21% of the gross domestic product (GDP) of the country and constitutes the largest portion of the Indian consumer spending- more than a 31% share of wallet. The Indian domestic food market is expected to grow by nearly 40% of the current market size in 2016. With such a large market and reach, safety of what we eat becomes utmost important.

The food processing industry is one of the largest processing industry in India and is ranked 5th in terms of production, consumption, export and expected growth. The food processing industry forms an important segment of Indian economy in terms of contribution to GDP, employment and investment, and is a major driver in countries growth in the near future. This industry contributes to GDP in agriculture and manufacturing sector.

On the other hand India is capital of poor also. Unfortunately in India near of 29% of the 872.9 million undernourished peoples are present. And other fact is near about 25% of the food production is wasted because of improper post-harvesting and lack of storage availability. After taking initiatives from various food technologist in India storage facilities are increasing and also social development occur because of the understanding of the importance of proper food handling practices.  A well-developed cold storage and food processing industry is expected to increase farm gate prices, reduce wastages, ensure value addition, promote crop diversification, generate employment opportunities as well as export earnings.

Considering all these points we can expect good contribution from the food technology for the economic contribution for building the nation. Even the government initiatives taken for increasing nation’s economy is mainly targeting the food processing sector. Food Processing Sector is one of the core areas of PM’s flagship Make in India program. Government wants to develop entrepreneurs because entrepreneurs are the persons who start their own venture and they are not job seekers, rather the job givers. Government initiatives taken for food entrepreneurs development through entrepreneurship development cell (EDC) establishment and through various entrepreneurship programs. The startup eco-system in India has never been better than it is right now.



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Your essay sounds promising as it is. I was attracted to your essay because of you name sounding similar to my name - kolade. I have a query, as a food technologist, what promising solution or movement can you be involved in to foster the food industrial sector contribution in india as a society . You can also like or comment on my own discussion at:http://foodpathshala.ning.com/forum/topics/comment-like-share-or-fo... Thanks for your consideration. 

Nicely written piece! Ur line of essay is simlar to mine..u can also share ur views and like my essay! ☺thanku

Thank u Bhuvanmohini Devi ...u r written well..specially views

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Drafted well ,nice


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