This year began with the Orange flavour spread by Cadbury India limited. 

Cadbury India added a new variant to its existing brand - Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk with CDM Silk Orange Peel. 

It has Candied Orange peel, Roast Almond and Orange flavour. The classic Milk chocolate and orange combination with a silk factor in it.


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Nadur Goat Farms, Udupi, has launched goat milk in Bangalore and Mumbai. The product will be available at supermarkets in packs of 500 ml.

According to a press note by the company, the milk comes from healthy goats, raised in the stall-fed method - a unique and superior method of raising goats for dairy purposes. Goats raised in this method are fed a balanced mix of nutrients as per their daily requirements and are kept in specially designed stalls which ensure that the goats are healthy and clean, while producing odourless milk. Every goat is checked before it is milked to ensure that it is healthy; the milk then is instantly pasteurised, chilled and packed in 500 ml pillow pouch packets and transported through highly efficient cold chains.

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My child :- 

wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, i ll surely try it, bt howcome ur child?? u made it?

Perfetti Van Melle India (PVMI), a leading confectionery company, has launched an innovative product – Alpenliebe 2Choco Eclairs – that promises to rekindle the Eclairs magic.

The new product is a concoction of two distinct chocolate flavours layered together in an appealing gold and brown colour pack. It will be available for Re 1, according to a press release by the company. The product has been completely developed by the R&D team in India.

Alpenliebe 2 Choco Eclairs is a great product which will offer an irresistible chocolaty taste through an innovative 2 coloured éclairs. 


US firm General Mills buys Parampara's food brands

The acquisition would help the multi-national acquirer to grow in the Indian market by improving its ability to serve the Indian tables with home cooked food.

The US based General Mills has been serving over 100 countries including India, where it is hugely popular for products like Pillsbury Fresh Multi Grain Atta, Betty Crocker dessert mixes and Green Giant vegetables. The organization is looking forward to intelligently implement the products of Parampara, which caters StarterZ and Curry Tree brands India, US, Canada and Japan, in its business model, reported DealCurry.

“The acquisition of Parampara Food Products’ strong portfolio of brands strengthens our ability to help bring home-cooked meals to the family table and positions General Mills India for continued growth. We want to expand on Parampara’s potential to bring convenient meal solutions for our consumers across India and around the world. Indian consumers – like many working couples around the world – are increasingly pressed for time. Parampara’s ready-to-cook spice and sauce mixes bring simple, great-tasting meal solutions and traditional Indian flavors to cooking around the world,” said Vijay Sood, Vice President and Executive Director of General Mills India in the official news letter.

As far as Ready-to-Cook products are considered, General Mills must get set to face some serious completion Kitchen of India (ITC) and McCormick’s Kohinoor Specialty Foods, who have been experienced players in the Indian market.

Looks yummy Sanjeev ! Great job by you ! Hope we get to taste some more flavours in the coming years :D

Sanjeev Kumar Sharma said:

My child :- 

And there's one addition in Dairy category too:

Britannia Industries Ltd., one of India’s most trusted food brands with a diverse portfolio of products in biscuits, bakery and dairy categories, has launched Masala Chaas – a milk-based beverage spiced with jeera, curry leaves and ginger. It will initially be available at all leading modern trade outlets across major Indian cities.

Packed in a 150ml bottle priced at Rs 15, it will have a shelf life of four months before opening and can be stored in an ambient environment. The launch marks Britannia's foray into F&B outlets, which account for a significant part of Indians' out of home consumption.

Speaking at the launch, Ashok Namboodiri, head, dairy business, Britannia Industries Ltd, said, “Chaas has been an integral part of India’s cuisine, no meal is complete without a glass of buttermilk. Packaged chaas has emerged as a fast-growing category driven by convenience, consistent taste and new age lifestyle.” 

“There is a strong preference and shift seen towards usage of convenient, ready to use, foods as people do not want to invest time in preparing them. Britannia Masala Chaas offers the same experience without the hassle of preparing it. Secondly, there is also a trend emerging of substituting carbonated high calorie drinks with low calorie healthy drinks and Dairy Drinks, which Britannia is targeting,” he said.


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