Years before, when we were student or when we just started our carrier in early 90s, we were safe. Now the adulteration in food is a regular practice; and contamination in food is acceptable. But really we know how it is slowly poisoning our body? 

No one comes in this earth with a disease, it comes in our body from air, water and food. 

The first step is to be sure about the water quality. Unknowingly to get good water, people are using RO but they don't know how dangerous it is. RO removes all minerals from water, take the pH down. After prolonged use of RO water, the body lose calcium from bones. Lots of reasons are there to check water for safe health.

The food getting contaminated from packaging materials (plastic, low grade paper package, aluminium foil). Some contamination is carcinogenic.

Adulteration has no limit now. From baby milk powder to vegetables - really cannot believe any one now. So, we need to be aware ourselves and check. Some test can be done in home and many test now can be done at different laboratories. Cost is important - most of the laboratories are charging very high and they are not for us, they are for industries. Its like scientific way of doping to the sportsman.

Edible oil adulterated with low grade oil and animal fats, milk are adulterated with colour and chemicals, spices are adulterated by non food products, plastic food from China, packaged food spiked with drugs - there is no end.

What we need is to get the food tested from a laboratory who do it honestly and economical. Instead of individual testing, we should do it locality wise as we all purchase from same shop or market. Once we will start to do it and will reject the product and shop - then only the situation will improve. No laws or body can improve - we know why. 

If we do not reject, if we do not demand, we will not get better. I believe the line tough by our ancient "mother also do not feed her baby if he/she do not cry".

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