Hi Friends, 

It has been noticed that the discussions in this forum is lacking sense of professionalism. For this i would request all of you to follow certain guidelines

a. All queries should be placed in discussion forum and not in status. This will help in proper documentation and future reference. 

b. All discussion must have a topic and topic should be relevant. This will help to another user to search it if he/she has similar query

c. The query should be specific and elaborate. Don't write just a line or a word like "food preservation". If you are expecting others to type 2-3 paragraphs on that topic, you are expected to write one or two line on your questions. 

d. If your query is totally different from an ongoing discussion, start a new thread of discussion. Please dont write your query in some old topic. 

e. Categorize your discussion in particular forum like job opening, back to basics etc etc. This is for proper documentation . 

I hope this request would be taken in positive sense in order to make this forum and your personality more professional. 

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@sanjeev sir.....well said sir........i completely agree with your words.shall follow d same.........thnx n regards.


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