1. Who needs to go for registration & License?

Annual Turnover – above 12 lacs need to go for a license whereas those below the 12 lacs

annual turnover need to go for a registration.

2. Does a Corporate need a license / registration when they are only serving food in

the cafeteria or does the vendor need to get a license / registration?

Every place that sells, manufactures, transports food needs to get either registration or


3. In case a person is unable to secure an NOC (in case they don’t have one) as one

of the documentation requirements what can be done?

NOC needs to be submitted for every place where food is manufactured, sold or handled. In

such the person needs to submit a Shapath Patra on a Rs. 100 Stamp Paper along with a

declaration to abide by Schedule IV Part 1 (registration) or Part 2 (license).

4. Does a Shapath Patra need to be submitted for renewal of license?

A Shapath Patra does not need to be submitted for renewal or conversion of MPFA license

to FSSAI license & neither for registration. It needs to be submitted only while procuring for

a new license.

5. Does a State Pollution Control Board Certificate need to be submitted for Corporates, Caterers, Hospital?

This needs to be submitted only by manufacturing plants / industries not for corporates,

caterers, hospitals & small tuck shops.

6. Is a health certificate a requirement by FSSAI?

A Health Certificate is not mandatory to be submitted for FSSAI licensing however it is

mandatory to submit a Performa of Medical Fitness of Food Handlers along with the testing

reports from a registered medical practitioner or civil surgeon.

7. In Form B point – 5, Can one person be nominated or made responsible to abide by standards for all locations?

No, 1 person per location.

8. Do all documents need to be submitted in original or photocopies will do?

The NOC needs to be submitted in original but photocopies of all other documents can be

submitted along with attestation by the Authorized Signatory in case a Director or Partner is

not available.

9. Is a toilet facility mandatory for outlet stores?

No. This is applicable only to manufacturing units.

10. Do all finished products need to be tested?

Finished products from every batch need to be tested.

11. Who needs to go for central licensing and state licensing?

Any FBO operating in 2 or more states or an installed capacity of above 2 metric tons / day

needs to apply for Central Licensing.

12. In case a company is undergoing renovation for the current kitchen that the license covers & they temporarily move to another kitchen within the same premises, do we need to go for a new license for this temporary kitchen?

No. You will just have to inform FDA about the location of the temporary kitchen and they

would update it on their system.

13. Do I need an FSMS plan if I apply for Registration?

No, you do not require an FSMS plan for registration; this document is a requirement only

for licensing. However, those FBO’s who have a difficulty making an FSMS plan can submit

a non-judicial affidavit paper of not less than Rs. 50, during the 1 year transition period. This

does not mean that they do not need an FSMS plan. If you read the format carefully it states

that you are declaring to abide by the FSMS plan & the Schedule IV guidelines.

14. Does every food manufacturer have to include nutrition facts on the label of a food product?

Yes it is absolutely necessary for you to analyze your food product for nutritional parameters

and specify the same on label of the package, according to the Food Safety & Standards

Regulation, 2011, Packaging & Labeling, Clause

15. Is it necessary to analyze the shelf life the product and is it one of the criteria for labeling?

Yes apart from it ensuring food safety & it also essential as per the law. According to the

Food Safety & Standards Regulations, 2011, Packaging & Labeling Clause & Clause, it is absolutely necessary to specify the best before date, date of manufacture &

expiry on the packaging label.

16. Are external audits needed to be conducted by food businesses?

Periodic audit are requirement as per Food Safety & Standards Regulations, 2011,

Schedule 14, Part 2, Clause 8.1. However, this can be done internally or externally from an

NABL accredited laboratory, it is essential in order to keep a check on your food safety

management system & also to ensure if you are FSSA compliant.

17. What kind of documentation is required as per FSSA and is there any records needed to be maintained?

As per Food Safety & Standards Regulations, 2011, Schedule IV, Part II, Clause 8.2,

documentation evidence is one of pre-requisites to attain an FSSAI license. The clause also

states all the types of documents & records that are needed.

18. Do trainings need to be conducted on a regular basis & do the records need to be maintained?

As per Food Safety & Standards Regulations, 2011, Schedule IV, Part II, Clause 12,

trainings need to be conducted on a periodic basis, records need to be maintained & training

programmes need to be reviewed routinely & updated.

19. Do food handlers need to be tested for any kind of infection, is this a requirement by FSSAI?

As per Food Safety & Standards Regulations, 2011, Schedule IV, Part II, Clause 10.1.1,

food handlers need to undergo a medical examination periodically. In addition this FSSAI

has also made it mandatory that all registered medical practitioners fill out a performa for

medical fitness of food handlers, within this are enlisted all the tests they need to undergo.

20. Do tests need to be conducted for water and food?

Water analysis report is one of the documents that need to be attached for licensing. In

addition to this, Food Safety & Standards Regulations, 2011, Schedule IV, Part II, Clause 7,

testing of food and beverage is mandatory either from an NABL accredited lab or an FSSAI

notified lab.

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Grt piece of info Dave. Thanks..

Thank u very much sir..

Sanjeev Kumar Sharma said:

Grt piece of info Dave. Thanks..

Does anyone have the FSSAI microbiological standards for food?

Since PFA is outdated, is there any changes in microbial standards under FSSAI.

Attached FSSAI microbial analysis standard procedures.


thank u very much sir.very good information.

any other manual for testing of food sample in FSSAI  u have?




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