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Many times students ask for some new topic for their presentation. I have tried to list down few emerging technologies in food processing. Any one of these technologies can be a good topic of discussion and presentation. These technologies could be old but not yet industrially exploited to a large extend, so the name of this discussion is kept as - Emerging Technologies in Food Processing not as New technologies.

We can discuss one by one each technologies. This will depend on your response and enthusiam :)

Some of the emerging technologies are 

a. High pressure processing

b. Pulsed electric field processing

c. Osmotic dehydration

d. High intensity pulsed light technology

e. Athermal membrane processing

f. Ultrasound technology

g. Irradiation technology

h. New chemical and biochemical hurdle technology

i. Radio-frequency

j. Ohmic heating

k. Combined microwave and vacuum drying

l. Vacuum cooling of food

m. Ultrasonic freezing

n. High pressure freezing

o. Use of anti-freezing proteins

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I wish to add on some other new technique
a) processing using electric arc discharge
b)processing using oscilating magnetic fields
c)processing using ultrasound
All above mentioned comes under minimal processing and theae are yet being developed.
Thank you.

Hi i need a nice topic for my presentation about the recent trends in food processing.

Hi, i want to do a project on the shelf life increment of greens, do it practically and analyse, what methods could i choose from these?


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