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i hv sent the reply to u sir.
@Nisha, we appreciate your efforts but you need to send the answers to this email i.d
Giving answer on this page will only help others to get the solutions then how can you be able to get the prize? let others utilize their brain too.
Hope you got my point...

Dear Nisha,

I have deleted your posting :(

Sorry :(

its nice sir..give us more

i have sent ans

Answer is



Participants with 100% correct are


1. Rajani Janardharan

2. Prashant Sahini

3. Anusha Ramani

4. Nisha Pal

5. Pankaj Jha


And this time winner is Prashant Sahini


Congratulations !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This time Prashant did Double dhamal, by being topper at GNDU, second time, and also winning the crossword at FP, Congos Prashant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NIce pic Sanjeev, This shows we have sacrificed the prize for him, and gavehim the trophy,as he is the youngest one .....

Dear All,

I am really sorry, there was some mistake from my side. Prashant Sahini is not the winner this time. He has not submitted the answer. But, we should all thank and appreciate Prashant Sahini because he  contacted me and clarified this. Though he is not the winner of this cross word, he has become a winner for longer run....


Then through lucky draw the name of the person who got second opportunty to try luck is - Pankaj Jha.

Lets Congratulate him...............

congrats. Pankaj.
congrats Mr. Jha !!!

thanks all..... i do it just for fun and to keep myself updated..... great work prashant, i appreciate ur honesty... ;)


3. additive

5. caffeine



13. catalase

14. caoco

6. dextrose


11. reducing sugar

9. so2



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