Is there any university in India which provide Correspondent and part time M.Tech. in food technology.?

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well at present none.......not in india...
If there is correspondent & part time  M. in Biotechnology and other Engg.Branches then why not for food technology ?

Nitin Rana said:
well at present none.......not in india...

This may be becoz of less populaity of food tech over biotech and other engg.


IGNOU offers one correspondence course:



About the Programme

Food safety is a fundamental public health concern. The Food Safety and Quality has become an area of priority and necessity for consumers, retailers, manufacturers and regulators. Changing global  patterns  of  food  production, international  trade,  technology, public  expectations  for health protection and many other  factors have created a huge demand  for  food safety and quality auditing professionals.

IGNOU  and APEDA  have  come  together  to  launch  this  programme,  the  first such initiative in India, with an emphasis on practical proficiency development exercises. This programme is expected to meet the increasing human resource requirements for food safety and quality management professionals in the agriculture and food sectors.


For more detail log on to :

Its not recommendable to do mtech course in distance..u can go for PG course in horticulture or plastics...


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